Wearable Mini-Infuser® Pump – 48 hour Veterinary Medication Delivery – Constant Rate Infusion – Single Use


  • SUBCUTANEOUS CONSTANT FLOW: The Mini-Infuser® Pump delivers a drug dose to pets over 48 hours with a 10ml on board drug capacity. This allows for the standardization of a patient’s medication therapy post-surgery.
  • INCREASED MOBILITY: Pets can gain back their mobility quickly during post-surgical pain management. Patients can ambulate outside their cage without interruption of their medication delivery.
  • DECREASE IN MEDICATION ERRORS: The Mini-Infuser® Pump has simplified CRI calculations that help decrease medication errors and infection risk among patients. The wearability of the Mini-Infuser® Pump allows for the elimination of IV line pull-out as well.
  • DECREASE IN LABOR COSTS: The Mini-Infuser® Pump’s reliable constant drug flow rates allows for a decrease in labor costs for veterinary practices. It can also reduce or eliminate capital equipment expenditures and associated carrying costs.
  • 3 EASY STEPS: The award-winning RxActuator Mini-Infuser® Pump has three steps including 1) Preparation 2) Infusion 3)Wearability. Animals can begin movement recovery soon after surgery with the potential to go home.



  • For 6-100 kg (10 lbs-160 lbs) Animals
  • Must be under the supervised and direct care of veterinary healthcare professionals in a hospital or acute care setting
  • 48 hours of 0.2 mL/hour Constant Rate Infusion of medication
  • 10 ml Drug Capacity



  • Instructions for use
  • Mini-Infuser® pump
  • Removable water activation syringe
  • Soft tip 22 ga. catheter
  • Excess medication collection bottle
  • 27 ga. filling needle


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