Our Product

Introducing the Mini-Infuser®

The First Wearable Drug
Delivery System for Animals

The Mini-Infuser® uses a polymer actuator that we developed to replace all the mechanical components of an infusion pump. The polymer is stored dry in the Mini-Infuser® actuator assembly. When water is introduced, the polymer actuator swells at a very linear rate and creates very high pressure. The high pressure created is transferred to the drug container which then pushes the medication out of the Mini-Infuser ® at a very linear and controlled rate of infusion for animal and veterinary use, without the need for electric motors and mechanical parts.

How it Works

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Wearable SQ-CRI

RxActuator Mini-Infuser® Wearable Subcutaneous Constant Rate Infusion pump


  • Wearable in cage with no external lines or tethers
  • Simplified CRI Calculations
  • 48 hour sucutaneous constant flow
  • 10ml on board drug capacity
  • Eliminate IV line pull-out
  • Decrease labor costs


  • Patients can ambulate outside cage without interruption of medication delivery
  • Decrease medication erros
  • Superior continuous medication therapy
  • Standardize medication therapy
  • Decrease infection risk
  • Reduce or eliminate capital equipment expenditures and associated carrying costs